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11:57pm 15/08/2004
School starts Tuesday! eeeeeek!!! lol... I'M SOOOOOOOO EXCITED/NERVOUS/READY!!!... i think anyway!... MAN! i cant believe i'm NOT in baytown! it's the new beginning of the end of the beginning ...lol... if that makes sense!?!... RSS starts tomorrow... GOOD LUCK KRIS!!! i wish you a GREAT senior year and wow! please please please dont forget about me over here!!! i'm so happy here! but i cant forget about my nappy roots and familia back in baytown!!!

me and tk went fishing yesterday and then to the boat races today!...omg i watched a boat EXPLODE today!!! it was such a fright! some boats went 200 mph!!! my friend lindsay wants to race jetskis!!! HA! i think she's a lil' on the looney side!

PS...tk rocks my socks...lol... STRICTLY in a platonic way...lol...::winkwink::
mood: anxiousanxious
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Hey hussy!
06:26pm 10/09/2004 (UTC)
Armando Ben
You absolutely MUST try to make it down here on October 21st. Rilo Kiley will be playing at Mary Janes!!!! You cannot cannot cannnnnnot miss this show or I will die! =( You don't want me to die do you? huh? DO YOU?!?! I need a dancing partner and I'm saving "Always" just for YOU! I miss you crack pocket. Please do try to convince your mom to let you come!!! Tell her I will keep you safe and sound fo' sho!

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10:02pm 10/09/2004 (UTC)
I'll try my hardest! I miss you SOOOOOOO much! WOW! that sounds like a blast! just like old times! good times! good times! I'll call you ASAP and let you know the verdict!
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oh sista, where art thou?
10:42pm 14/12/2004 (UTC)
Armando Ben
Hey killah!!! I have some wonderful and exciting news! The Early November is coming to H-town Feb. 13th!!! You absolutely must come to this show or I swear I will kidnap Ace and hold him hostage until you get your ass in Houston! I'll even pay for your ticket since I haven't had a chance to get you anything for your birthday!!!

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